Holiday Work-Life Balance

Holiday work life balance

With the holiday season finally here you may have more on your plate than usual between work commitments and quality family time. Here are a few ways to manage work-life balance around the holidays to make this a stress-free season:

🎄 Set Boundaries: Make clear distinctions between work and family time. There are times when you will need to work and times where you need to be present with your family and loved ones. Turn off your phone and leave your work in another room to separate work from play.

🎄 Schedule Everything Important: Whether it’s an appointment, a meeting with a friend or your child’s Christmas concert, make sure to set aside time in your schedule for the important things to avoid an avalanche of to-do’s.

🎄 Postpone Less Important Tasks: Right now, before we are in the height of the holiday season try to get ahead of the tasks that are most urgent/most stress inducing. This way you will have less to worry about when it is time to be fully present with family and friends, and leaves you less of a workload for the end of the year.

For the rest of the list and a more in-depth description of each tip visit the Forbes article called, “Nine Ways You Can Improve Your Work-Life Balance During The Holidays” at…/nine-ways-you-can-improve…/…