Time Management Tips

February is Time Management Month ⏰

If you’ve been struggling to meet deadlines or to get that extra bit of motivation to finish that project, here are some strategies that wouldn’t hurt to try:

📝 Create a To-Do List – You can do this at the beginning of the day to organize your tasks or at the end of the day to get a head start on tomorrow. Try organizing your tasks and errands into a physical list that you can check off once you’ve finished and it might help motivate you and reduce stress.

🧮 Start with a high-value task – Depending on what works for you, choosing the most important or time-sensitive task to focus on might make your To-Do list less daunting. You could also choose to focus on the task that you’re dreading the most first to get it over with. The rest of your To-Do’s will be a breeze!

📋 Understand why you are procrastinating – The key to reducing time wasted is to understand why you are wasting time. Do you tend to focus on small, easy tasks when avoiding a difficult one, such as cleaning a room when you have a deadline coming up? You may feel like you’re being productive when really you’re avoiding the real task at hand. Try deciding which task is most important and focusing on that until it’s done. Do you find yourself getting distracted easily? Change your environment. Maybe a silent room to you is more distracting than a populated library. Try working outside, listening to music, or turning to face a wall or window.

Learning to manage your time properly is all about understanding what your need to work most efficiently. If you don’t resonate with any of these tips, try the website below and try out ways to improve your concentration and ability to work effectively.